From 165 international applicants the jury selected 8 accomplished artists to participate in the second New Brunswick International Sculpture Symposium in Saint John. These creative and talented individuals shared their knowledge with each other, the six young interns who worked with them and the general public. Over 30,000 people came to watch as they drilled, chipped, sanded and polished masterworks from mammoth chunks of New Brunswick granite.

The artists left their countries and families for six weeks to spend time in Saint John. They met the people in the communities who would be the caretakers of the wonderful pieces of public art they sculpted.

Because of them more people are aware of public art, of how art evolves, and of the work that goes in to a monumental stone creation. Our special thanks to the 14 sculptors who have contributed thus far to the International Sculpture Trail and for the legacy they have begun for our region.


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