Julie Glaspy - Saint John

  • Groups :
    • 2014 Interns

Julie began carving ten years ago with Native Elders on the coast of B.C. and has been creating art in many different mediums since 2011. She was an intern in Sculpture Saint John 2014 then went on to do a large commission for the International Children’s Memorial Place in PEI. In 2015 she was the site manager for Sculpture Nova Scotia’s first symposium and worked with Jim Boyd on a commission for the Botanic Gardens in Fredericton. She continues to work in her studio every day she can to get gain experience. We are thrilled to have Julie return to us as an artist. In her statement she wrote:

“Convincing a stone to become something else is no small task – it’s heavy, it’s dusty, it’s dirty, and it’s my labour of love. Often, art is about finding beauty in places where it is not always commonly seen; to me art is about making something out of nothing, which is one of my main attractions to stone.”