1. Organizer and Community Sponsors

Sculpture Saint John is a not-for-profit organization with the registered business name of New Brunswick International Sculpture Symposium Inc. Eight community partners in New Brunswick have agreed to sponsor and acquire one of the sculptures created during the symposium.

For more information on Sculpture Saint John: www.sculpturesaintjohn.com

2. Symposium Dates

August 6 to September 19, 2020. The selected interns are expected to arrive 1 day before Sculpture Saint John begins and remain on site until the closing ceremonies.

3. Symposium Location

Uptown Saint John.
For more information on Saint John: https://www.discoversaintjohn.com/

4. Goals of Symposium

  1. To educate the public (including students) in, and increase their understanding and appreciation of, the art of stone sculpting by national and international contemporary artists.
  2. To educate and train New Brunswick art students and artisans in the practice of stone sculpting, and to provide mentorship from professional artists.
  3. To expose the public to contemporary stone sculpture as a form of public art, and provide educational opportunities to learn more about the creative practice of sculptors.
  4. To attract visitors from within and outside of New Brunswick to the Symposium site and provide the opportunity to observe the creation of large stone sculptures.

To that end, Sculpture Saint John is inviting eight (8) international, national, and/or regional artists, and six (6) New Brunswick interns to participate in a 6- week stone sculpture symposium that will result in the creation of 8 large-scale granite sculptures that will be permanently installed in public places in southern New Brunswick.

5. An intern is an individual

  1. Who has a deep interest in stone sculpture, and who is willing to learn methods and techniques of stone carving;
  2. Who has the ability to work with hand tools and is capable of enduring the physical requirements of the stone-carving process;
  3. Who is able to take direction from superiors and fulfill their expectations;
  4. Who is able to participate fully in the various activities required on-site each day, such as cleaning equipment and the site, using hand-tools and any other tasks.

6. Sculpture Saint John has the following expectations of the selected interns

  1. During the 6 weeks, interns are required to stay at the accommodations provided; sharing meals and facilities with the international artists. Unfortunately, because of the communal nature of the meals severe allergies and dietary restrictions cannot be accommodated;
  2. Complete the orientation session offered at the beginning of the 6 weeks;
  3. Assist 6 full days a week, with one day off;
  4. Report to the site manager;
  5. Collaborate and take direction from the sculptors;
  6. Participate and contribute to public events in conjunction with the symposium.

7. Sculpture Saint John will provide the following

  1. The opportunity to work collaboratively with internationally renowned stone sculptors;
  2. Transportation to and from the work site;
  3. Accommodation during the Symposium (private rooms with shared bath facilities and common areas) at Villa Madonna Retreat House;
  4. Local transportation to organized symposium events;
  5. A $2000 honorarium in two installments at the beginning and closing ceremonies;
  6. Expenses for one round trip to Saint John from your home in New Brunswick.

8. Site Safety Regulations and Equipment

Interns and other personnel working on the site must:

  1. Recognize that access to the Sculpture Saint John work site will be controlled and managed;
  2. Comply with all work site, health and safety laws and regulations, all municipal and WorkSafeNB requirements and any other safety or security measures considered prudent by Sculpture Saint John. All health and safety equipment provided or used by interns must be CSA approved;
  3. Supply their own durable work clothes, work gloves, and steel-toed boots.

9. Symposium Not Liable – Intern Medical/Liability Insurance

While Sculpture Saint John will provide reasonable site control and safety, it is not responsible or liable at any time for any reason (whether occurring at the work site, or during any other activities) for:

  1.  Personal injuries to interns
  2. Damage to, loss, or theft of intern’s property
  3. Any damage or injury caused by interns

While Sculpture Saint John may agree, at its expense, to obtain limited third party insurance coverage related to the Sculpture Saint John activities, the selected interns should also obtain their own liability and property insurance. Selected interns who have difficulty obtaining the required medical insurance should contact Sculpture Saint John as soon as possible after notification of selection.

10. Intern Selection Process

The Selection Committee of the board of directors of Sculpture Saint John will first review all eligible applications and create a short-list. From this short-list, the committee will meet to make final recommendations to the Sculpture Saint John Board. All decisions on the selected applicants of the Sculpture Saint John Board and the Selection Committee are final and binding.

11. Non-Compliance by Intern

Sculpture Saint John reserves the right to disqualify any intern from further participation in circumstances where they fail to comply with the terms of the Symposium. Termination of food and accommodation privileges and honorarium will occur.

12. How to Submit Intern Application

You may submit your application and all required documents and materials in one of two ways:

  1. Online by following the links and instructions at www.sculpturesaintjohn.com
  2. By mail, courier, or delivery of the complete Intern Application, documents and materials to the address in section 14 below.

13. Deadline for the Intern Application

Process Applications must be received by Wednesday, February 12, 2020 by 5:00 pm (AST)

14. Application Delivery Address and Contact information if applying by mail:

Sculpture Saint John
PO Box 20090 RPO
Brunswick Square
Saint John, NB
E2L 5B2
Attn: Diana Alexander

Phone: 506-647-8773
Email: diana@sculpturesaintjohn.com